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This is the program for the research and development projects.

The pages here are for information about the detailed progress of the R&D; effort.

The goals of all these projects is to reach the minimum complexity in the allocated budget.

You are free to use any part of this in your own project so long as you understand the terms of the licence:
1. You must acknowledge that you are using Turbo Electric Ltd technology.
2. You must share your modifications and findings with us so we can add it to our project.

Research Lab

The research lab is for investigating the state of current technology.

Prius Research

One good example of current controllers and motors is the Toyota Prius.
To that extent Turbo Electric has acquired two Gen 1 Pruises to experiment and test.
Full Pinout of the PM200CVB060 (previously unreleased)
Full pinout of the PM200CVB060 IGBT Power Inverter Module.

EV0 Research

This is a Fiat 126 purchased about 3 years ago with the intention to turn it into an electric vehicle.
Fiat 126 is a very small car which is powered by a 650cc 2-cylinder air cooled rear petrol engine.

Software Lab

The software is possibly the most complex part of the project to develop.
Here we strongly believe in simplicity, small steps and peer reviewing.
Because of this, the software will be open source and the steps well documented for maximum peer understanding.

Controller Software

Your very basic PCM routine is thus...
Which for a PIC is...
However this is a fixed 50/50 mark/space.
This is good as a starting point, but we need to vary the mark/space.
This is where things go wrong, since every instruction take time.

Display Software

The new Raspberry Pi opens up possibilities.

HV Power Lab

In the HV Power Lab we are developing the high voltage electrics.
These is the battery, powerline transmission and traction motor.

High Power Motor Control

This is a distinctly different mentality from the controller and charger electronics due to the high power and safety aspects.

High Voltage Charging

In order to charge this car it will need a high voltage charger.
It's either that or we attempt to charge the 60 x 12v batteries in parallel!

Electronics Lab

In the Electronics Lab there are projects which are all targeted at research and development of the patent technologies to ensure the uniqueness of the Mass-EV and other projects.

The projects are focussed on either drastically bringing cost down for the Mass-EV project or improving the driving experience of the Impulse-EV Project (or in some cases both).

Field Control

Since we are building a new controller using the patent method of integrated (super- or ultra-) capacitors,
we need to build the controller from scratch.

Circuit Modelling

Using a model it's showing there may be some overlapping issues at full frequency....
Improving the model (and learning the software better) leads to a quite useful model where the results
do see to be similar to measured values on the real circuit.
This means a bit of tweaking quickly shows results (without blowing expensive IGBTS too:).

Position Sensing

As with the outputs it's a good idea to start simple.
This means using reed switches and magnets for sensing position, and probably using a diode matrix as the logic to drive the outputs.

So going back to the Simple relay-based controller and swapping out the reed relays with reed switches.
Since the relays are not a one-to-one with reed switches we need to introduce a diode matrix.
It seems we have reached the minimum complexity for the position sensing electronics, so this part of the project is complete.

PIC Development

The controller board is starting life as a simple kit which is available from Maplin
The kit is a Velleman K8048.

Arduino Development

The basic Arduino is well thought out for a quick entry to microprocessor development.

Machine Shop

One of the skills I need to obtain in order to progress with the motor construction is machining.

EV0 Mechanics

In order to add the milk float motor to the Fiat 126 we need to construct a frame which can hold the motor and the gearbox to which it will be attached.

Mass-EV Power Chassis

Mass-EV construction has finally begun.

Trailer Generator

Also known as a range extender.

I have other project areas here and here which require logons.

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