EV0 Research

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EV0 (a.k.a where it all started)

This is a Fiat 126 purchased about 3 years ago with the intention to turn it into an electric vehicle.

Fiat 126 is a very small car which is powered by a 650cc 2-cylinder air cooled rear petrol engine.

The engine has a maximum power output of 23,88.00 PS (17,91 kW or 23,88 HP) at 4500 Rev. per min. with torque 42.00 Nm (4,28 kgf-m or 30,85 ft.lbs) at 3000 Rev. per min.

Fiat 126 parts Another project on Ebay


A milk float motor will replace the petrol engine which is extracted from the now scrapped milk float.

Milk Float Motor

Power will come from either Lead-Acid batteries or from a modified Prius battery.

You can follow construction in the machine shop.