Mass-EV Chassis

This is a Trojan T125 6v (3 cell) deep cycle battery (weight 30kg)
This is about 200Ah so is 1.2kWh

A design for a 61 battery chassis

That one includes a controller (left in red) and a bank of supercapacitors between the batteries and controller.

Total pack capacity is 61 x 1.2kWh = 73.2kWh total.

Layout of the car

Batteries only (click for full size)

A design for a 100 battery chassis

Images to be added

Total pack capacity is 100 x 1.2kWh = 120kWh.

To compare with realistic ranges at motorway speed:
a Nissan Leaf is 24kWh (80 mile range) to 30kWh (100 mile range),
Tesla Model S is 100 kWh (250-350 miles range).

Hypermiling could easily make this cars range 1,000 miles.

So this would give a practical range of 300-400 miles at motorway speeds (70-80mph).
Due to the low cost of lead acid batteries this would mean Tesla ranges for Nissan Leaf money.

Also the biggest battery in any electric car.

Imagery edited in gimp, CAD created in blender