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The Mass-EV Foundation

Join me

I created this page as a forum for discussion of the future of the Mass-EV and the electric car market in general.

I believe that the Mass-EV will be an enabling technology with a focus on sharing and change.

Share the exposure

The electric car is gaining media attention and most of the major companies have their token projects.

Some of which are turning into something quite serious, e.g. Toyota.

I am aware of many companies who do not have this attention but have something to sell, including my own.
I have been invited to many media events including a request from BBC News.

Unfortunately, I was not in a position to take them up on the offer, but this is clearly in the public interest.

I would like to talk about all the specific companies who are working hard to sell their products when the media ask.

If you would like me to talk about you company and product them contact me here.
This is free as it will also give my company exposure.

Share the technology

I would also like to work with your company and share my technology to help your projects.

I would only expect acknowledgement that you are using Mass-EV technology in your product.

If you wish to share your technology too I would be able to acknowledge your company in my media and on every vehicle sold.

Share your project

I am also aware of many individuals all over UK and even the world who are converting and creating cars of their own.

Not for business reasons, but for amateur enthusiasm.

If you want to share your project, no matter how early or primitive, let me know here.

I will add you as a contributor to the project.

This is not just if you are building a car, but also if you are promoting the use or just an enthusiast and have the energy and time to help others with their projects.

Buy Shares

Sharing in the project and the profits and change of the market and the transportation infrastructure.

I truly believe the Mass-EV is a project which we can all share and to that extent I am creating a site from which anyone can purchase shares very easily and enjoy the dividends when the company profits.

You can purchase as little as a single share which is £1 although a more useful purchase would be £100 since this would give a reasonable payout of dividends in future profits.

I also believe this is about change which is why I deliberately will not pursue the usual additions such as builtin media players and air conditioning.

I would want to encourage the companies who produce these for existing cars to have a target market in the Mass-EV also.

I would be happy to partner with any company or in fact employ anyone who would like to be part of the project and share in the profits.

The Mass-EV is not about attempting to corner the market in order to maximise profit at the cost hampering innovation.

It's about sharing in the huge rewards from which we will all benefit, both financially and for the environment.

Interest so far...

So far I have been speaking to a current electric vehicle manufacturer to share his facility.

I have also spoke to a supercapacitor company who are very interested in partnering in technology

I have also spoken to various dealers who are interested in selling the final vehicle.

I have spoken to some investors, but I feel the current climate it a problem for high risk investment.
But they are interested and want to be "kept posted".

I have applied to Dragon's Den, but have yet to hear back. :-)

There will be a periodic newsletter which will keep any interested parties abreast of movements with the Mass-EV and Turbo Electric Ltd.

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