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More car for your money

An advanced, modern design built on mature, proven technology.

Other advanced features not found any other vehicle system:

More Range

The most range of all (400 non-stop miles per charge),
and for a low price.

The car uses advanced AGM battery technology instead of lithium.
So for the price of a short range car you get a very long range one.

This car will go from London, England through France,
Belgium and Germany all the way to the Nürburgring on a single charge.
And that 400mile trip through 4 countries would cost an insignificant £12 in electric charge.

What Range Anxiety?

The car is designed with 3 battery packs each 40kWh
which can be use together in parallel for more power or in sequence for more range.

This means as you see the pack you are using get depleted over a very long journey
you simply switch over to a fresh battery pack and carry on without stopping.

Each pack will take the car over 133 miles and you can switch over seemlessly.
No dead batteries, no range anxiety, no more problems.

More Life

The huge battery (120 kWh) means the car will last 30 years.

This is long life is simply due to the immense capacity of it's advanced AGM battery.
Because you are using a fraction of the battery's capacity on average, it last much, much longer.

You will be able to pass this car on to your children and it will still be fine.

Most people do thousands of short trips
with the occasional long one.
So the shorter the average trip, the longer the battery will last.

More Future

Buys shares in Turbo Electric and maybe profit from an early investment.

Of course, share price can go down as well as up, so we are not guaranteeing profit certainty,
but everyone is expecting the electric car market to be the "next big thing" and Turbo Electric boasts
a practical, affordable and attractive solution to the problem which is lacking elsewhere.

Currently venture capital funding is being averted deliberately since it's not required at this stage.
Turbo Electric is entirely funded by it's own engineers, was establised in 2009 and has been under
design and development ever since.

It's more important to produce an enduring technology platform which includes
the full vision Turbo Electric and not include some parochial, ephemeral decisions.

Turbo Electric shares the vision of other pure electric car organisations in that it's business plan
encompasses speculative technological and market movements.
For example, the body and chassis are separate, so when there are changes in battery technology
your car can be upgraded without having to purchase a new model.

The difference with Turbo Electric is that the business plan is not purely speculative as with some others.
The business is sustainable from the outset and doesn't require the loss-lead strategy currently, presumptively
required to bring a practical car to the public.

An example of this is the use of advanced AGM battery technology instead of Lithium, which gives the car
it's long range without the high materials price.

Turbo Electric invites anyone to share in this future vision simply by clicking the paypal link below to purchase shares.
They are currently fixed at 100pence per share, which is a pre-IPO price and you can own as many as you like.

There are 1,000,000 shares in total available, so if you purchase
e.g. 10,000 shares (at £10,000) you will own 1% of Turbo Electric.

After IPO the price will change and will be set by market as with normal share trading,
but you will still own the same proportion of Turbo Electric.

Click here to buy shares and own a piece of the future

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Great Knollys Street,
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Old Plane Field Road,
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