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Cost the same as the fossil-fuel equivalent.

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17th February 2018: Based chassis obtained for testing EV0c
Today a chassis was obtained for prototyping the Mass-EV 120kWh powertrain. This vehicle (another converted van) will be converted and range tested after Easter this year.

9th February 2018: "EB0" electric motorcycle parts obtained
Today a Suzuki Bandit was obtained along with some spares and chasses. This will have the engine, gearbox and exhaust removed, and prepared to receive the 10kW motor, controller and 48v 85Ah AGM battery. The bike is expected to have a range of about 50 miles and a top speed of around 70mph. This is a first step in prototyping a commuter motorcyle.

19th January 2018: Move work to new facility
Keys have been obtained for the new workshop in Loverock Road, Reading. This means work can begin on the Mass-EV prototype. Also as a low-cost experiment an electric motorcycle will be built. This will start life as a converted Suzuki Bandit which will be sourced and converted.

22th December 2017: New prototype at new facility
As investment continues, this week a new facility has been obtained for Turbo Electric and NC Engineering to build the 120kWh advanced Lead-Acid prototype design. Keys will be obtained in January 2018 to start the build February. Initial target is for a showcase model for the London motor show and low-volume, mass-production version to develop the market.

29th September 2017: Chassis build started
Discussions today with NC Engineering resulted in a plan to start work on the build next week. This is going to be the 100 battery chassis (120kWh) a truly huge pack which means vehicle range will be immense! Predicted range is 300-400 miles at motorway speeds (70-80mph) and a practical range up to 1,000 miles at town speeds (30-40mph). Also as the battery is so high capacity this means it will not need replacing for at least 350,000 miles (beyond the life of the car). The price is still predicted to be low (£20,000) due to it's low cost advanced lead-acid battery technology.

4th August 2017: Work started on new prototype
Today Turbo Electric is working with NC Engineering to build a new prototype. This will be a long range vehicle (400 miles per charge) and has a target retail price of around £20,000. Work is predicted to start in September with the chassis. This is in preparation for the British Motor Show next year where the vehicle should be on a stand for all to see.

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